Zoraida Ingles


Conceptual, process-oriented, and idealistic. Design and illustration for people like you.


Zoraida Ingles

I'm a self-learned designer and illustrator, passionate about brand and visual design. I'm really excited about designing for accessibility, whether it's for education, women, or the arts. For the past three years I had immersed myself in San Francisco’s startup and tech industry, where I discovered that cultivating diverse, thriving communities is one of the chords to my being. Now I'm in New York and enjoying a lifestyle that includes poetry, design, and social change.

Design can be visual storytelling and
I'm here to help with that.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to understand the emotion and stories that inspire the foundation of the project.

1. Conceptualization
I like exploring ideas and the best explorations happen collaboratively. I enjoy a creative process that is open-ended, fact-based, and generates an environment for all perspectives to shine.

2. Feasibility
I’m a fan of research and testing products as much as possible, to ensure meaningful experiences. Different from conceptualization, I believe there is a deeper meaning to why products should exist, and the journey is what makes this work exciting.

3. Branding
A brand is experienced through the product. This means that everything from written content, to photos, and interactions in the digital or print sphere should show consistency. I help maintain a relationship of accountability between all assets.