Illustrator + Designer

Zoraida Ingles | C4Q Gala 2017: Graphic Design

C4Q Annual Gala (2017)


Graphic design, print materials, and swag for C4Q’s Annual Gala (2017)—a fall fundraiser that celebrates the organization’s achievements, core supporters, and program participants.

Coalition for Queens (C4Q, now Pursuit) is an organization that helps people transition to a more economically sustainable career by providing a 9 month coding program. This niche in workforce development has become a growing industry, namely “bootcamps”.

The Annual Gala (2017) focuses on highlighting individuals who have been instrumental to their mission. The event is a chance for attendees to meet with co-founders, team members, board members, and even current students and alumni, culminating in an amalgamation of the communities that support the work.


Role: Graphic Designer

Deliverables: Gala Program, Presentation, Swag

Timeline: 3 Months