Illustrator + Designer

Zoraida Ingles | NYCETC Awards: Graphic Design

NYCETC Opportunity Awards


Brand guidelines, visual design, and social media marketing for NYCETC’s Opportunity Awards—an end of the year retrospective and celebration for those in workforce development.

New York City Employment and Training Coalition’s (NYCETC) Opportunity Awards recognizes individuals, organizations, and program participants that make up the workforce development industry in New York City. With awards such as “Kathy Schrier Strong Voice Award” and “Bonnie Potter Workforce Staff” the organization pays homage to the rich history of those that paved the way for a more equitable economy.

Along with organizations and companies, NYCETC recognizes the program participants who would get overlooked in hiring pipelines. NYCETC affirms the importance of these everyday New Yorkers who have overcome adversity by naming the value they bring to their communities.


Role: Graphic Designer

Deliverables: Brand Guidelines, Posters, Presentations

Timeline: 1 Month