Zoraida is an incredibly intuitive and powerful Reiki practitioner. She approaches her work with compassion and a tremendous amount of spirit care. Leaving the session I felt a calm and peaceful restoration of wholeness.

Zoraida also brings to her work an intersectional lens and awareness. As a queer woman of color, I am constantly seeking physical, mental and spiritual health care spaces where I know that the multiplicity and complexity of my identities will be accounted for. I absolutely felt this with Zoraida’s practice.

I highly recommend Zoraida to anyone who is on a path of restoring their body-spirit wholeness!
— PL
Zoraida provided a very intentional and warm session. I experienced a powerful catharsis through my head, and felt safe in her hands. Zoraida had clearly prepared for our session, and responded thoughtfully to my space and needs.
— RG