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Zoraida is an incredibly intuitive and powerful Reiki practitioner. She approaches her work with compassion and a tremendous amount of spirit care. Leaving the session I felt a calm and peaceful restoration of wholeness.

Zoraida also brings to her work an intersectional lens and awareness. As a queer woman of color, I am constantly seeking physical, mental and spiritual health care spaces where I know that the multiplicity and complexity of my identities will be accounted for. I absolutely felt this with Zoraida’s practice.

I highly recommend Zoraida to anyone who is on a path of restoring their body-spirit wholeness!
— PL
My session with Zoraida was my first experience with reiki, and I feel really grateful for the experience and for her guiding presence in it. Her empathy and pragmatic warmth immediately put me at ease, and that continued through the session. It felt easy and safe to slip into a different state of mind, and I felt alternately electrified and soothed throughout the whole session. I felt supported in experiencing a range of emotions and connections, and emerged feeling grateful and, most importantly, soothed. I’m excited for another session and think that Zoraida’s natural presence serves her clients so well.
— FJ
Zoraida is someone who creates a healing and open space for you to enter and feel comforted by. I was feeling depleted in many ways, and looked to Zoraida for reiki. Her energy is very comforting and I know that I could lay down, eyes closed, and feel safe with her. After the session she made me hot tea and water. I felt restored, seen, thought of, and held. I highly recommend Zoraida as a reiki practitioner.
— AC
Zoraida provided a very intentional and warm session. I experienced a powerful catharsis through my head, and felt safe in her hands. Zoraida had clearly prepared for our session, and responded thoughtfully to my space and needs.
— RG
I felt Zoraida’s power as a reiki practitioner as soon as we started. I trusted her completely and felt respected, loved, and a sense of ease during our session. She provided a lot of insight into aspects of my spirit body that I did not know about before and as a result, I felt a greater appreciation for who I am as a person. I left feeling incredibly grounded and more connected to mySELF.

A session with Zoraida is an essential step in anyone’s self-love and self-discovery journeys. I highly recommend! ❤️
— NN